What problems does theme_redone solve?

theme_redone, out-of-the-box, comes equipped with all the right tools to streamline our dev process and make it standardized and a pleasure to code with. It has a modern workflow, uses latte templates, Gutenberg support as its main strength, cleverly coded helper functions, and a lot more which we will cover later on.

Modern and standardized workflow

  1. ESBuild/Webpack to compile our Javascript code (es8 and React/Svelte/Vue)
  2. Gulp-sass to compile our SCSS files
  3. Browsersync to server and refresh on each file save and to make it easier to develop and debugĀ  for multiple devices
  4. TRB CLI to make it easier and faster to manage blocks

Latte templating engine

  1. Makes files a lot cleaner and easier to read.
  2. Makes coding WordPress websites feel as if we are coding in Laravel or any other well-coded Full-Stack solution because of our MVC pattern.
  3. MVC and MV patterns help us separate the view from the business logic.
  4. Comes with a great “Tracy” debugger to catch bugs early on.


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