Gutenberg Blocks Framework

Theme Redone is the first open-source custom WordPress theme starter with its own native, easy-to-learn, stable and standardized Gutenberg blocks creation solution.

One of the major features that differentiate Theme Redone from other WordPress theme starters and frameworks is that it comes with its own solution for developing Gutenberg blocks.

Instead of using ACF, Kadence, or other 3rd party plugins for building blocks, we have it built in right inside the theme’s source code.

The benefit is that all of the blocks are standardized, and have a uniform look, also, by being part of the theme’s source code, the blocks are easily version-controlled via GIT, right along with the rest of the theme.

We also have a trb-cli, which is our CLI for easier and way faster block scaffolding.

Before we dive deep and explain the concepts and logic behind the framework, here’s a quick sneak peek of what the Gutenberg blocks built with Theme Redone will usually look like.

theme redone wordpress starter gutenberg blocks sneak peek - webredone

Let’s start by figuring out what is a Gutenberg block, and what it is in the Theme Redone’s context.

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