Getting Started

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  1. PHP (version: ^7.4)
  2. composer (version: ^2.0.2)
  3. Node.js (Node version: 14.19.1)
  4. gulp-CLI (Gulp 4)

Download the Theme

  1. Download and install the latest version of the theme
  2. At the root of the theme, there is a “theme_redone_global_config.json” file. Replace “localhost/theme-redone” with the name of your project from htdocs “localhost/[PROJECT-FOLDER-NAME]” (This makes sure browser-sync connects to the correct project)
  3. From the terminal (from inside the root directory of the theme) run composer install and afterward npm install to install the PHP and JS dependencies. (Make sure Node version 14.19.1 is used. We suggest using NVM to manage Node versions)
    Install the TRB CLI package globally ( npm i -g @webredone/trb-cli ) to scaffold blocks faster.
  4. In WordPress, activate the theme
  5. If you want to enable SVG uploads to the media folder, install the svg-support plugin
  6. To start the compiler and make it watch for file changes, simply run the npm start command from the terminal
  7. Once the project is finished and ready to be deployed, run npm run build:prod to optimize CSS and javascript files.

Note: Throughout the docs, we will be using XAMPP as the local environment for the examples.

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