Theme Redone

The Framework for Developing Custom WordPress Themes

with its own Gutenberg Blocks creation solution.

Latte templating engine for cleaner and nicer syntax

Modern workflow with ESBuild, WebPack, Gulp4 and React support

Native Gutenberg blocks creation solution with its own CLI

Theme Redone WordPress Starter and the TRB CLI Screenshot

Theme Redone WordPress Theme Blocks Admin UI Screenshot

theme_redone is everything we need to write well-organized, clean, and MVC-oriented WordPress code.

It is a theme starter, or as we like to call it, a framework for building custom websites on top of WordPress. We prefer to think of it as a framework because it is opinionated (to help us write standardized and error-free code), but only just enough; It has its own Gutenberg blocks creation solution and a CLI to help with that.

It is more of a framework than a starter theme because it is a bit opinionated, and has a standardized way of writing code and batteries included for working with custom Gutenberg blocks.

Not intended to be used as a child theme or looked at as a “Premium Theme”, it is actually a well-organized codebase to get you started building custom and performant WordPress websites.

It consists of:

  • Latte engine for its beautiful syntax and a more streamlined and manageable workflow
  • ✅ EsBuild/Webpack + Gulp task tasks for compiling SCSS and JS
  • ✅ SCSS (SMACSS folder/files structure)
  • ✅ Javascript (ES8 and React/Svelte/Vue support, thanks to EsBuild and Babel)
  • ✅ In-theme framework for building Gutenberg blocks in a streamlined and standardized way
  • TRB CLI helper for scaffolding new Gutenberg blocks
  • Bare-bones grid system coded with Flex and CSS variables (about 15 lines of code)
  • Helper functions for repetitive tasks such as rendering images, links, SVG code, and more
  • ✅ Just a few well-written UI components to get you started (we don’t like bloat in our code): Modal, Accordion, Tabs, Menu, Dropdowns, Sliders, and simple “in view fade-in transitions”
  • SVG support
  • Tracy Debugger to help us make sure we write stable and error-free code
  • ✅ And much more
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