DreamHost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar.
It was founded in 1996 at Harvey Mudd College in Claremont, California, and registered in 1997.

“We believe in a world where people have the freedom to choose how their digital content is shared, and we foster their success by providing an open web platform of choice.”

“DreamHost proudly hosts over 1.5 million websites, WordPress blogs, and applications for designers, developers, small businesses, and more.”

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Dreamhost needed their blog redesigned and asked us to code the blog based on the designs that they provided.

The aim was to get a more modern look and organization of their content on the blog, also there was a technical aspect of the project, where they wanted to have easier admin management of the ads for their main website from the blog itself.

Also, they wanted the blog done from scratch and optimized to ensure fast load times.

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We coded the blog on top of our clean WordPress starter that is based on Underscores skeleton theme, our SMACSS and BEM based SCSS structure for component-based CSS and babel that enables us to write modern es6 that works in all browsers due to its javascript transpiling. We also used bootstrap native (to escape jQuery as a dependency) that in the end, we stripped down to only the code we needed (navigation and grid system).

We achieved easy and intuitive ad management by utilizing WordPress’ Customizer API and extending the TinyMCE editor with custom buttons that generate shortcodes that are easily adjusted to editor’s needs (used on blog single templates, for “in-between the content ads”).

Due to “close to none” dependencies and optimizations that we did, we achieved great scores on GTmetrix and Google’s PageSpeed Insights: 94% score and load time that is under 1.5s. The total homepage size is 658KB.

Tech: WordPress, Javascript (es6), HTML, CSS

Webredone web design & development - Dreamhost blog wordpress single image Webredone web design & development - Dreamhost blog single image
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