“Wanting to serve beer at his company’s trade show booth to promote Tazlab’s new travel silicone Aqua-Fur Dog Bowl, Rick Fredland discovered an incredible hole in the drinkware market. The simple, durable and versatile silicone material, he thought, could make a perfect pint “glass” marketing piece, if he could customize it.

Risks were taken, creativity was encouraged, people forged together, and a company was born.”

Silipint Woocommerce Homepage


The Silipint team already had the design for their new site, and we were about to code it. The idea behind redesign was all about functionality changes, easier user experience, and more intuitive admin site management.

They needed the back-end logic for how the new cart would work: free shipping and different gifts insertion based on what’s the current value of the cart.

Second requirement was to have the possibility of selling 2 products on the same product page (Cup as the main product, and a lid, complimentary and optional one), they would get the combined price on product page, but once added to cart, they would be added as 2 separate products for easier management and tracking.


Gifts for the cart are managed in a custom coded admin page under Woocommerce. Silipint can easily add new rules and tweak the existing ones. They can add a “start” and “stop” checkpoints and the ID of the product that is supposed to insert into cart once the website user reached the set checkpoint. Technically speaking, this was done with WordPress’ settings API and ajax checking and calculation on the front-end on each cart interaction.

The product page is built as a variable product. Each main product (cup) has variations that each have their image, name, and price that may differ. Complimentary products (lids), also each having variations (image, name, price), and then attached to the main product under linked products. Then, once saved, combinations screen appears for admin, and he is then able to select the matching image for each cup/lid combination. Those images are used in the slider when matching cup/lid is selected.

Tech: WordPress, Woocommerce, ACF Pro, es6, AJAX

SiliPint Woocommerce Cart Admin Management SiliPint Woocommerce custom Product variations and combinations admin management
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